Inka Chow

                                                                                     I am sort of a one-trick-pony quasi chef. Here below are my only specialties. They are so good they are on their way to being trademarked or sold to the highest bidder &$45; McDonald's are you listening? In the meantime I have a regular 9-5 job and weekend gigs until fame catches up with me.
How does it work? You have a weekend party or event at your house or wherever. You call me. I show up with groceries and my chef tools only and voilĂ , I prepare what you choose from my menu according to your instructions at your kitchen. My East Bay fees are $40 per hour spent on location plus the cost of groceries. North Bay, South Bay or SF clients just add $20 to honoraries. I just cook and clean up what I used. No serving, party planning, serving or logistics.
This menu is suitable for an informal party or gathering. There is a winter and a summer menu. Licensed and insured. Food handler's license renewal date Nov. 2016.
Inka Farra: More than a ham sandwich
Chicha: A sweet and fruity non-alcoholic Inca brew served chilled
Causa: A layered potato terrine with chicken
Exotic fruit ice cream or pineapple cake

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